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There are loads of books and publications that serve as great tools for teachers working with EAL learners. On this page and in the drop down menu you will find my recommendations and short reviews on the books.

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Anyone interested in EAL should have this book it is just an amazing resource of theory, practical advice and classroom strategies. Read More!

Although an English Language Teaching book I believe that many of the activities included can be used for EAL classrooms.
There are a wide range of different activities all of which can last for 5 minutes or longer. 
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I received the book Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners as a result of completing the training to be a SIOP qualified teacher. The book itself outlines the SIOP model, a research based model to support English Language Learners or as they are called in the UK EAL learners.
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Call me a Professor Pauline Gibbons fan but this is another one of her books that is full of practical advice, strategies and approaches to teaching EAL learners in the mainstream classroom. Scaffolding Language Scaffolding Learning. Teaching Second Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom is a fantastic book and well worth the money.
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I bought this book a few weeks ago and love it. It is full of great ideas, strategies and approaches to supporting EAL learners in the mainstream classroom. The book is separated into 9 chapters with chapter titles including:
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